Sicilian, class 1970, Cristiano Mattina Interguglielmi built up his professional career by being born and working for an estabilished historical family of photographers.

He attended the IED in Milan where he lived and worked for several years deepening the technical knowledge of Fashion and Advertising photography. Since 1991 he's a professional photographer. To take pictures has become something that goes over the simple image realization and has changed deeply his way to experience life and to relate to the others.

Today he lives and works between Italy. His aim is to combine artistic passion with technical skills, this has allowed him to create a personal style highly appreciated by such enthusiasts.

He is proud of working with a sound professional team of assistance, graphic designers, M.U.A. and hairstylist. He regularly update the technical and digital tools needed for his trade and keep an archive of all the works made by 4 generations of his family in more than one century and half of professional activity.

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